A Lasting Gift

“The Storyteller is one who comes bearing a great and lasting gift.” Edward Eggleston

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I remember my grandparents. I remember them teaching me how to wrap packages. I remember climbing on to my grandpa’s lap while he clipped my fingernails. I remember their handwriting….on my grandma’s recipe cards, and the notes on my grandpa’s desk. As anyone would, I have many childhood memories that include my grandparents.

But remembering my grandparents, and knowing their story are two very different things.

Last year I discovered a “Bride’s Book” that my grandmother kept about her engagement, wedding and honeymoon. Her book was full of telegrams and invitations and photos and ticket stubs...Memorabilia that transported me back to another place and time. Her time. As she told her story, she also told me the story of that era. And the romantic tale of her first days with my grandfather.

This lovely little book was such a find!

She was the storyteller. And she left a great and lasting gift.

It is my sincere hope, as we launch our website today, that we will help a great many people create lasting treasures for friends and loved ones. We’ll help your children be able to tell their kids all about their childhood….their birth stories, and school day stories.  We’ll help you save the best moments from your favorite family vacations. There are wedding stories, and retirement stories … well, the stories that make up a life are all waiting to be told.

Join us here. Stay tuned. Tell your friends!

Let’s work together to create, as my grandma did, some great and lasting gifts.

Melissa Cameron